Alzheimer’s Reading Room: Super Brain — Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind



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CONCENTRATION: There was a movie – ‘Instinct’. In it, the anthropologist professor studies apes. Finally he goes out and lives with the apes to probe their mystery. He found that some feelings and sensations found in men are also found in apes. What he tried to say was that, to know apes, he himself became an ape mentally. To him, the unknown became known through concentration and attention. Please do know transfer any malice to this example if you are studying the characteristics of lions or tigers. Lord Yama may come for your indiscrimination! Hopefully you know your ‘idam, porul, eval’ – time, place and purpose.

In whatever direction a ship is sailing, the compass needle points always points to the north. Similarly the mind of a knowing man is always fixed on the Ideal. Among Dronacharya’s disciples, Arjuna’s arrow reached its bulls eye within the grove entirely due to concentration. Other competitors had many minds just to win and thought of the pomp and ceremony of victory. Arjuna concentrated on the target. Firmness in mind comes to the one who learns concentration, which is serviceable both to the sacred and the secular. In school science labs, we saw that divergent sunbeam focused with a lens aimed at one point creates intense heat. It even ignites and we used to play cotton and fire with that lens. It was fun wasn’t it? Perhaps we did not realise that it taught us simple principles of concentration. A mind trained in concentration can both know and do a thing to perfection.

Knowing Brahman, the hardest of all, is possible to none but to the firm minded. Knower of Brahman is Brahman. The one-pointed devotion of Srimati Radharani illustrates this fact. Her mind and sense organs function exclusively for the communion with Sri Krishna only. All her lamentations are directed to the Lord. Whatever her eyes see are all associated with Him. The ears ever bring to her messages pertaining to her Darling Krishna. The food she eats comes from Him. His grace, Isvara prasadam, is her life. When the mind is fully concentrated, the sense organs assume concentrated powers and nothing else. They function only for Him. Krishna’s flute, however far, floats in the air to reach Radha’s ears. Instantly her mind reciprocates to that melody. Her within and without become One symphony and Sri Krishna alone is contacted at all levels. Her whole body pays homage in its respective way to Sri Krishna. Her devotion was simply unconditional.

It is a concentrated mind that opens realms of the Reality unknown to the ordinary. Through one-pointedness, realization of Absolute Reality is possible. In Gita 2.41, Krishna states that to the firm-in-mind and resolute in purpose, there is but one decision. The great acharya, Adi Shankara stated that, viveka being there, the mind is single pointed – eka buddhih bhavati. Hari Om

Gopal Nair

Just as the physical atmosphere is the result of climatic conditions and air quality, there is a subtle (non-physical) atmosphere which cannot be seen, heard or measured but can be experienced and influenced by the mind and analyzed by the intellect. It is variously described as the “prevailing mood”, the “vibration” and so on. What is the cause of this non-physical atmosphere, these “vibrations?”

Thought has been proven to be a powerful yet non-physical “energy”, which can influence other souls and matter. Thoughts, emotions,

desires and moods generate a “field” around the soul (just like an electric field), which can be called positive, negative or neutral,

depending on the quality of its effect on other souls and on matter.

When a large number of souls are all experiencing positive thoughts, feelings and emotions, then the atmosphere becomes “charged” with positivity. When they are experiencing negative emotions, the opposite happens.

Each one of us has excellent mental energy (can create beautiful thoughts); please use it in a positive manner and enjoy the GOD gifted beautiful life and live happily.

Human brain

“The human brain is the best-organized, most functional three pounds of matter in the known universe,”
[- Robert Sylwester ,A Celebration of Neurons: An Educator’s Guide to the Human Brain].

Power Encapsuled

“It’s responsible for Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, computers, the Sistine Chapel, automobiles, the Second World War, Hamlet, apple pie, and a whole lot more.”

The average brain consists of over 100 billion nerve cells, trillions of support cells and dozens of structures.

The limbic system:

  • The hippocampus: The hippocampus is essential for main education functions including learning and memory.
  • The amygdale: There are two amygdala in the brain. They are essential to feeling emotion such as fear, impulse, and rage. They also help us perceive emotion in others.
  • The thalamus: The thalamus sits between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain and acts as a conductor, receiving sensory information and transmitting it to the cerebral cortex and vice versa.
  • The hypothalamus: The hypothalamus is located just above the brainstem and controls several involuntary and vital functions in your body. The alerts it gives your body are important to signal you to action. Mainly it controls body temperature, hunger, thirst and sleep cycles.
  • The pituitary gland: The pituitary gland is only the size of a pea but plays a major role in brain function. It is at the base of the brain at the bottom of the hypothalamus. The pituitary gland mainly regulates hormones and thus plays a role in growth, puberty, metabolism, blood pressure and sugar levels
  • *****************************************************


There are many interrelated parts that make up the brain, providing essential functions necessary to human life.
Human brain functions are responsible for humans being able to talk and reason, as well as process visuals and emotions.

When you make a decision, you probably don’t think about how much you’re using your brain to make that choice.
The cerebral cortex, your brain’s primary structure, is highly involved with how you learn “new information, form thoughts and make decisions.

Four main brain structures:

The cerebrum: This is the largest part of the brain, making up about “90 percent of the brain’s weight,” according to Mind Disorders. It is,“responsible for higher brain function, which includes the interpretation and reception of the nerve impulses, initiating voluntary movement, memory, thought processes, and logical reasoning.” according to MedicaLook. The cerebrum also controls emotional and instinctual responses.

-Also controls language and reasoning skills

The cerebellum: This is the second largest part of the brain and it is located below the cerebrum. Balance and coordination are this area’s main function. “Disorders related to the damage of the cerebellum often result in ataxia (problems with coordination) and dysarthria (unclear speech resulting from problems controlling the muscles used in speaking),” Mind Disorders said.

-Controls movement and balance

Limbic system: This system is the center for emotional thinking and contains the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, amygdala and hippocampus.

The hypothalamus regulates hunger, thirst and anger in the body, among others.

The amygdala plays another role. “The amygdalas are two almond-shaped masses of neurons on either side of the thalamus at the lower end of the hippocampus. When it is stimulated electrically, animals respond with aggression. And if the amygdala is removed, animals get very tame and no longer respond to things that would have caused rage before,”

The hippocampus is all about building memories. This is the place where memories are stored, both in the short-term and the long-term.

The pituitary gland is about as small as a pea and is located at the brain’s base. The gland has three lobes: anterior, intermediate and posterior. “Each lobe of the pituitary gland produces certain hormones,” the University of Maryland Medical Center Endocrinology Health Guide said. For example, in the intermediate lobe, the melanocyte-stimulating hormone controls skin pigmentation.

Also controls:

-Body Temperature

-Sleep patterns


The Brain Stem: The brain stem is another crucial area. “The brain stem plays a vital role in basic attention, arousal and consciousness. All information to and from our body passes through the brain stem on the way to or from the brain. Like the frontal and temporal lobes, the brain stem is located in an area near bony protrusions making it vulnerable to damage during trauma,” the Centre for Neuro Skills said.

Also controls:

-Breathing/ heart rate

So the next time you walk, talk or write, keep in mind, those are all skills directly from your brain. It may not seem like it is all that important to think about your senses, but when you think of the big picture and how nearly every movement you make has to do with the functioning of your brain, you can start to see how much of an impact each of the four main structure’s has on your day to day living.


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Brain Power

Improving your brain power is something everybody wants, but not many people know how to do so. There are many methods to improve brain power as you may be doing some of them right now or might enjoy them as you learn them. Some requires you to be active while others are just a slight change in your diet.

Below are some methods to improve your brain power to improve yourself as a person and as a leader.
Force yourself to think of situations and then the solutions to them. Doing so will make you use your creative and imaginative memory muscles.
Force yourself to think and remember information.
Play games that require thinking or reaction. A computer game or even a crossword puzzle can stimulate your brain.
Multi-tasking forces you to remember procedures you had done and the multiple things that you are doing.
Exercising and controlling your breathing help increase oxygen to your brain. Doing so will increase your brain’s functionality.
Certain food and drink like fish and caffeinated drinks helps people concentrate and focus mentally.
These are some simple methods to help improve your brain power so that you will be able to improve your performance. Start improving your brain power with these simple methods to keep on excelling. A person without any brains cannot be an efficient leader.