Taliyil Shiva – memories of a Pilgrimage

Lotus Leaves

Swamy Chidanandapury Maharaj’s Speech – Shifted venue to Nileshwaram

Swamy’s Speech was sheduled on the 19th of October at Vyapaarabhavan Kanhangad.
But on 17 th evening, District authorities denied the event
The ‘Shri Shankaram” – Organizers and disciples of Swamy had to shift the venue to Nileshwaram, the cultural capital of Kasaragod, quite abruptly and unexpectedly.

Now, the venue of the Event : Sree Valtsam Auditorium Nileshwaram
Date : 19 October 2011 [ as sheduled ]
Time : [4 pm- as sheduled]

It is a pity that the Speech of a Sannyasin had to be canceled or shifted only due to the inefficiency of administration, in a nation the whole of the legacy of spiritual heritage flows from our rishis and Sannyasins.

the rainy Kozhikode

every time I visit Kozhikode, The good old zamorins Calicut, the city is fastly changing.
The Chane.
chopped down trees,
crowning Sky scarpers….
Widening roads and streets,
people more and more preoccupied…
Unknowingly living,
unknowingly dying,
but still rain is the same summer is the same.
perceptions chane, attitudes change,
still rain fall from the skies
still earth is happy to receive the showers…
Let our hearts be expanded enough to receive
thy divine showers….
Fastly changing cities, fastly changing minds.
Still it is raining….
Still it is raining…..!