Meaning And Application Of Virtues

Meaning And Application Of Virtues

 Take one of the following virtues (qualities) per day and spend five minutes thinking about its meaning and its application during the day.



A.  Harmony (Unity)
B           Forgiveness
C. Trust
D.           Flexibility
E. Courage
F.           Gentleness
G. Freedom
H.            Understanding
I.  Benevolence (Kindness)
J.              Patience
K. Enthusiasm
L.             Tolerance
M. Serenity (Peacefulness)
N.            Co-operation
O. Generosity
P.           Humility (Egolessness)


Though all of us may be aware the subject, this is being sent as a small reminder. It is applicable to all human beings, irrespective of religion, caste or creed. We sincerely wish all of us live the GOD gifted “limited life” fully. Have a blessed day!

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