Symptoms Of Stress

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When we feel stressed we experience certain physiological (related to the body) and psychological (related to the mind) symptoms, whose importance we may not fully understand. These are normal signs that we should re-check our priorities – our body, or our state of mind, is telling us that something in our lives needs to change. Listed here are some of the common signs:
1. Loneliness – We may feel isolated (lonely) from friends and family, or experience a lasting sense of being lonely in a crowd.
2. Insecurity – We may suddenly feel shy or exposed around people with whom we are usually filled with confidence. Or we may believe that we are always being judged or criticized.
3. Loss of concentration and memory – We may find it hard to recall recent conversations or promises. We may often feel confused, so that understanding and remembering information could also be very difficult.
4. Fatigue and sleeping difficulties – Although we may feel constantly tired, we could also find it impossible to get to sleep.
5. Tears and mood swings – One of the most common symptoms is that we cry easily. We may also experience mood swings – joyousness followed by sadness or vice versa


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CONCENTRATION: There was a movie – ‘Instinct’. In it, the anthropologist professor studies apes. Finally he goes out and lives with the apes to probe their mystery. He found that some feelings and sensations found in men are also found in apes. What he tried to say was that, to know apes, he himself became an ape mentally. To him, the unknown became known through concentration and attention. Please do know transfer any malice to this example if you are studying the characteristics of lions or tigers. Lord Yama may come for your indiscrimination! Hopefully you know your ‘idam, porul, eval’ – time, place and purpose.

In whatever direction a ship is sailing, the compass needle points always points to the north. Similarly the mind of a knowing man is always fixed on the Ideal. Among Dronacharya’s disciples, Arjuna’s arrow reached its bulls eye within the grove entirely due to concentration. Other competitors had many minds just to win and thought of the pomp and ceremony of victory. Arjuna concentrated on the target. Firmness in mind comes to the one who learns concentration, which is serviceable both to the sacred and the secular. In school science labs, we saw that divergent sunbeam focused with a lens aimed at one point creates intense heat. It even ignites and we used to play cotton and fire with that lens. It was fun wasn’t it? Perhaps we did not realise that it taught us simple principles of concentration. A mind trained in concentration can both know and do a thing to perfection.

Knowing Brahman, the hardest of all, is possible to none but to the firm minded. Knower of Brahman is Brahman. The one-pointed devotion of Srimati Radharani illustrates this fact. Her mind and sense organs function exclusively for the communion with Sri Krishna only. All her lamentations are directed to the Lord. Whatever her eyes see are all associated with Him. The ears ever bring to her messages pertaining to her Darling Krishna. The food she eats comes from Him. His grace, Isvara prasadam, is her life. When the mind is fully concentrated, the sense organs assume concentrated powers and nothing else. They function only for Him. Krishna’s flute, however far, floats in the air to reach Radha’s ears. Instantly her mind reciprocates to that melody. Her within and without become One symphony and Sri Krishna alone is contacted at all levels. Her whole body pays homage in its respective way to Sri Krishna. Her devotion was simply unconditional.

It is a concentrated mind that opens realms of the Reality unknown to the ordinary. Through one-pointedness, realization of Absolute Reality is possible. In Gita 2.41, Krishna states that to the firm-in-mind and resolute in purpose, there is but one decision. The great acharya, Adi Shankara stated that, viveka being there, the mind is single pointed – eka buddhih bhavati. Hari Om