BSNL is an erstwhile govt department converted to PSU, now competing in open market with Private and Transnational Telecom Companies.

The significant  competitive differentiation in service sector is “Service” itself.


The most important part of ‘service’ in this sector is grievance redressal. It is unfortunate – that BSNL subscribers face many problems relating to redressal of their grievances.

Moreover BSNL itself does not publicise the different channels of getting the problem redressed.

Please note the following link:


Here BSNL subscribers can record their
problems online.
One is given the
complaint number. The response time may depend from area to area.

In general – if one is in the paper mode – usually one has to give a written complaint to the nearest Customer Service Center (called “CSC”) and then wait for the complaint to be redressed. If the problem is more pressing, one can visit the SDE (Internal) or the SDE (External) depending on the nature of problem.
Internal looks after the Telephone Exchange, while External relates to any technical work that is outside the exchange – ie from Exchange
to the subscriber end.

Usually in a large place there can be two / three exchanges –consequently there can be an SDE for each such exchange. One has to know to which exchange one’s phone is linked.

Higher up in the hierarchy is DE / AGM with the same suffix. Any problem should get resolved at this level – as this is the highest
executive level.

Over this all are administrative levels – whether DGM / GM etc. and they are not usually concerned with the day to day executive problems.


However if the problems do not get resolved upto DE level,
then one can approach the concerned DGM / GM directly.