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” Eight days at the Abode of Yoga” 2 day

By evening, I was a bit hungry, and left from room number 325 of Annamalai University Guest House towards the Market.

After having a nice refreshment from Shri Mathivarashan’s Restaurant near the Kovil, I stepped out into the sunday Market going on even at 21.00 pm.

Befriended with Shri Velmurugan hailing from “Vathathrayanthethu” selling flower plants. I bought two Jasmine Plants, one Jamanthi, and one Suppotta ( Chikkku) plant.

Flower Plant vendor Velmurugan Vathathrayanthethu
Flower Market Chidambaram

The Chikku plant I would like to contribute to New Yoga Centre of Annamalai University

Eight Days at the Abode of Yoga – Day 1

07th April 2018


References & Links

1. For an in-depth knowledge of the Temple city , as usual, first help is from Wikipedia.

2. To get a glimpse of the Yoga Centre, of Annamalai University, first reference is of University site itself.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga offered by Annamalai University, Comprises a comprehensive Syllabus, spanning to two Practical Personal Contact Program ( PCP ) before the final University exam.

For me, first Spell of PCP was from 27 January 2018 to 4th February.

I was not able to attend the second spell in March, and now I am here for the Final Spell, complementing the missed PCP.

Classes Starts from tomorrow morning 5 am.

Puthuchery Express 16856 from Mangalore ( MAQ), in which I boarded from Kanhangad at 16.05 pm on 06 April 2018, fetched me at Vridhachalam (VRI) by 7.40 am today ( 07 April 2018).

Shri Libin, hailing from Chokli ( Near Thalassery, Kannur, Kerala) was my Companion till Chidambaram Bus Station.

We had our Breakfast from Vandayar Hotel & Restaurant.

I came around and took a room at R.K.V Lodge. Rate is ₹400 per day.

Now , the “Path of Yoga” is infront, adept adapt and adjust…

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( Hope, this musings will Continue…)

14.00 pm the yogic belly started to crave leading Renjith to Vandayar Cuisine Restaurant.

15.30 Packed up and rushed to University Guest House.

16.00 with Yoga Texts and records