How to become an Industry-Ready Professional !

How to become an Industry-Ready Professional!!
Countless Success Stories.

Professional Programme in Business Management with specialization in Marketing Finance and Human Resource
Fashion Technology
Advertising & Graphic Design / Visual Communication
English Language Programmes
Executive Courses
Krishna Dathan
One-of-a-kind ‘Traineeship’ programme in a real-job environment.
Earn while your Learn
Mentored by personal having a rich pool of experience and expertise from the industry
Well-rounded ‘curriculum’ empowering you to be Industry-Ready.

Focuses on the ‘ability-creation’ of the learner, more than just academic centric learning.

Krishnan Dathan
Krishnan Dathan

– placement in blue-chip MNC’s and Institutions like Delloite, Microsoft Corporation, Lenovo, ITC Limited, L & T, Bombay Dying, Mahindra and Mahindra, Motilal Oswal etc

Bridging Illusion To Reality


Bridging is always a task , sometimes an ordeal, in the path of any explorer of any  kind .

Billions of Living beings, and Trillions of Illusions..!

Each single mind in the lot go on building images which gets carved creating a permanent track in the labrynth.
These images work in the back ground, rather underground, to create illusions of Reality in experience.


When Hunger is a reality, food is the only  solution. When hunger could not be satiated timely,  illusions begin, veiling the feel of hunger.
Same example applies for all emotions,  all instincts.
Realization, Sakshatkar can happen only when the gap between the real and non-real is bridged.


Rainy Start – July 12, 2011

Rainy Start – July 12, 2011

Sound of the falling drops of rains.
Things that can never be explained, only experienced. Rain is the best example.
The dim day light, whole atmosphere with particles of rain drops…. The greenary washed and looking afresh…
sound of the rain
Melody of rainining..
Symphony happening while it’s raining..

For a while we think rain has went away, and before the thought fades out, agin it showers….