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” Eight days at the Abode of Yoga” 2 day

By evening, I was a bit hungry, and left from room number 325 of Annamalai University Guest House towards the Market.

After having a nice refreshment from Shri Mathivarashan’s Restaurant near the Kovil, I stepped out into the sunday Market going on even at 21.00 pm.

Befriended with Shri Velmurugan hailing from “Vathathrayanthethu” selling flower plants. I bought two Jasmine Plants, one Jamanthi, and one Suppotta ( Chikkku) plant.

Flower Plant vendor Velmurugan Vathathrayanthethu
Flower Market Chidambaram

The Chikku plant I would like to contribute to New Yoga Centre of Annamalai University

Chembarathi Hibiscus ചെമ്പരത്തി

ചെമ്പരത്തി, പൂവ്,