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“It’s never too late to become the person you might have been.” – George Elliot


(( Source:Article By Shri Yogi Ananda Saraswathi shared in Face Book

CONCENTRATION: There was a movie – ‘Instinct’. In it, the anthropologist professor studies apes. Finally he goes out and lives with the apes to probe their mystery. He found that some feelings and sensations found in men are also found in apes. What he tried to say was that, to know apes, he himself became an ape mentally. To him, the unknown became known through concentration and attention. Please do know transfer any malice to this example if you are studying the characteristics of lions or tigers. Lord Yama may come for your indiscrimination! Hopefully you know your ‘idam, porul, eval’ – time, place and purpose.

In whatever direction a ship is sailing, the compass needle points always points to the north. Similarly the mind of a knowing man is always fixed on the Ideal. Among Dronacharya’s disciples, Arjuna’s arrow reached its bulls eye within the grove entirely due to concentration. Other competitors had many minds just to win and thought of the pomp and ceremony of victory. Arjuna concentrated on the target. Firmness in mind comes to the one who learns concentration, which is serviceable both to the sacred and the secular. In school science labs, we saw that divergent sunbeam focused with a lens aimed at one point creates intense heat. It even ignites and we used to play cotton and fire with that lens. It was fun wasn’t it? Perhaps we did not realise that it taught us simple principles of concentration. A mind trained in concentration can both know and do a thing to perfection.

Knowing Brahman, the hardest of all, is possible to none but to the firm minded. Knower of Brahman is Brahman. The one-pointed devotion of Srimati Radharani illustrates this fact. Her mind and sense organs function exclusively for the communion with Sri Krishna only. All her lamentations are directed to the Lord. Whatever her eyes see are all associated with Him. The ears ever bring to her messages pertaining to her Darling Krishna. The food she eats comes from Him. His grace, Isvara prasadam, is her life. When the mind is fully concentrated, the sense organs assume concentrated powers and nothing else. They function only for Him. Krishna’s flute, however far, floats in the air to reach Radha’s ears. Instantly her mind reciprocates to that melody. Her within and without become One symphony and Sri Krishna alone is contacted at all levels. Her whole body pays homage in its respective way to Sri Krishna. Her devotion was simply unconditional.

It is a concentrated mind that opens realms of the Reality unknown to the ordinary. Through one-pointedness, realization of Absolute Reality is possible. In Gita 2.41, Krishna states that to the firm-in-mind and resolute in purpose, there is but one decision. The great acharya, Adi Shankara stated that, viveka being there, the mind is single pointed – eka buddhih bhavati. Hari Om

When we change, the world changes.

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Referring to the last few days’ messages, when we see and realize the significance of this current Age, the fifth Age or the Confluence Age (‘Sangamyugam’), we also find greater clarity in our life’s purpose. It becomes obvious that the world will not become a better place through more resistance or conflict; this only adds to the sum of fear and anger in the world. To fight for peace is a false belief which has taken over the human mind. To think that peace comes from conflict, or that conflict is necessary to achieve peace, is to think right comes from wrong. Deep change is an incognito process (process which cannot be seen) within individual souls. Through meditation or ‘yoga’ (union), we awaken and restore our true, peaceful selves; we absorb the light of truth and love from the Supreme and we are spiritually empowered. This we can then share with others. As we radiate our spiritual energy and reflect the light of God into the world in gentle and humble ways, the effects of our self-change reach out to other souls as an invitation to do the same.

The nagging questions which must enter most minds at least once in a lifetime (such as ”Why me?”, “Why here?” and “Why now?”) are answered – our highest purpose is to help others know themselves as they truly are i.e. souls and to help in reconnecting them to the Supreme. This is why simply sitting in meditation, generating and radiating vibrations which are peaceful and loving, can help to heal others and the world itself. That is our primary responsibility at the Confluence Age. When we take up this responsibility we assist the Supreme in his task at the Confluence Age, i.e. bringing about the Golden Age.

We all must learn the art of adjusting with the changing times; for a happy life.

Path is Always filled with Divine Radiance !


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Important mainly because of the words in the message


416. If the number of animals on the globe earth is controlled through
slaughtering them and eating. Then the logic needed human population
control should also be the same.
417. ‘kill the human beings and eat them’. This logic is terrible and
shameful. Is it not? Even though human flesh is absolutely free from
toxin and it is said to be tasty also.
418. Is it not true and applicable indirectly for animals also. Killing
the animals and eating their meat cannot be justified by saying that we
do that for maintaining the number of animals remain constant.
419. Just compare the cutting of a plant and killing of an animal. Are
these two give the same response in plants and animals ? . The plants
flourish after cutting a part or the branch. But the animals perish after
cutting (if one does so) a part of that.
420. The sleeping buds of the plants awake when we cut the terminal buds/
branches/ etc. but a leg, hand, or any part is cut from an animal, there
ends the animals.’ life