Android programming The Linux

Android, the popular mobile operating system, is based on Linux and there are a number of good reasons to learn how to program for it. Number one is the vast audience that will be at your disposal if you can make it into the Google Play store or Amazon’s Appstore for Android.
The Linux Foundation has launched a new initiative to help interested parties learn basic Android programming. So far, Juliet Kemp has only posted part one of Android Programming for Beginners and it just covers the basics to get you started, but more advanced tutorials are promised in the future. The two-part intro to Android coding will show you how to get a basic timer app up and running, and teach you about the Android API. It assumes some basic familiarity with Java, XML, and programming concepts, but is easy enough to follow.

If you do not yet have a phone or tablet then don’t fret — it’s not necessary to get started. You will, however, need to download a few things on to your computer, such as JDK 6 and Eclipse, or another IDE (Integrated Developer Environment).

The article walks you through layout and codingand makes for a great stepping stone. While it is aimed at everyone, it will be particularly useful for students who are considering pursuing programming as a possible career choice and best of all, everything you need, except the device, is free.