ove, in its true spirit, Can’t be Defined, but only Experience!
Loving someone in the ordinary course of life is Not the True Love…., but just an Attachment.
What we seek and describes in today’s world as Love is merely a spark of It,
which is born out from some kind of attachments.

Like the spark that appears and disappears immediately,
while rubbing two pieces of stones together,
the moment these source of attachments (physical attraction, wealth, habits etc), ceases to exist,
the so-called Love also vanishes in thin air.

As it is said that “Finite & Impermanent objects can never gift you the Lasting Happiness”,
Love born out of attachments can’t last for ever!

Even the Purest form of love known to us,
which exists between a Mother & her Child,
is also developed from mere Attachment …
as we know that No women feel the same Love to somebody’s child!

The one who is filled with Compassion
can never feel hatred, but only Love.
Similarly, the one who is filled with Pure Love
can only demonstrate Compassion,
to every beings, and every objects!
watch them, the way they even handles their sandals,
to understand this truth!

The Purest of the pure Love is that of the Lord, to His creations,
(…because all the creations are born out of Him!)
and the Love of His Creations, those who has realized this truth, to their Lord!

Being a mere creation, our utmost aim in life should be
to cultivate True Love for the Creator
to know Him and to Realize Him

Taliyil Shiva – memories of a Pilgrimage

Lotus Leaves

Vinaayaka Hotel near Tali Shiva Temple. Kozhikode

My Location@02:27,28/6 kandamkulam cross Rd, Kozhikode, Kerala, India


Tali Shri Shiva Maha Kshetram °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°


Situated in the heart of the Kozhikode Town, about 1 Km east of the Railway Station this ancient Shiva temple is a treasure house of historical memoris . Trusteeship : Zamorin of Calicut. The history and prosperity of Kozhikode town is closely linked with the sanctity of this ancient temple.


The Jyothirlingam in the sanctum – Sanctorum of the Temple was installed towards the end of Dwaparayuga by Sage Parasurama, who created Kerala, by retrieving the land from the sea by throwing his powerful axe from the top of Sahyadri, as per hindu belief.


The posture in the sanctum-sanctorum is that of Umamaheswara.


Though this divine power existed from time immemorial, the attention of the citizens of Kozhikode was (bestowed on the temple) only by about 1500 years ago. It reached its zenith during the rule of the Zamorins, who had the prestigious title Sailabdheswara (The lord of the mountain and the sea). The platform facing the sanctum-sanctorum, the four walls skirting the sanctum- sanctorum with the lighted lamps on all the four sides, Dwajastambam, Anakottil (flag- staff platform for elephants) the gopurams (large entrance gate), Deepasthambhum (pillars of lighting) and large outer walls are all there in the grand temple. Tali Ganapathy, Thevarathil Ganapathy, Thirumandhakunnu Bhagavathy, are all the additional deities located in the inner walls of the temple. Outside the inner wall, but within the temple premises are Lord Ayyappa in the south west. Thevarathil Bhagavathy just behind Lord Ayyappa and Naga in the west, facing in the eastern direction. In the north eastern side, just outside the Siva Temple premises, but inside the four wall of the temple, there is a separate Vishnu temple with a Dwajastambam of its own.


Besides there is a small temple dedicated to Narasimha Moorthy in the southern side of the Vishnu Temple. Inside the compound and north of this also Eranjipuram.


Inside the four walls of the Sreekrishna Temple, there is also the presence of Sreevalayanad Bhagavati. So with its special architectural beauty and the presence of several Gods and Goddesses in the premises, this great temple has special significance of its own.


This temple also got a special place in the cultural history of Kerala. It was here that Revathi Pattathanam, a sort of seminar on Bharatha Meemamsa, Prabhakara Meemamsa, Vedanta Meemamsa and vyakarana were conducted. Eminent pandits and philosopherm from far and near used to participate in this unique function. This is still being conducted annually here. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, eighteen and a half poets used to assemble here.


With respectful regards prostating before theLotus feet of Lord Siva…




Muneer mash’s Motivation class

Muneer mash’s Motivation class.

1992 0lymbics-a lame man- completing the race even after a serious muscluar injury..



Redmond first broke the British record for the 400 metres in 1985 with a run of 44.82 seconds. This record was subsequently broken by Roger Black, but Redmond reclaimed the record in 1987 with a run of 44.50 seconds. The record lasted until 1992.

In 1986, Redmond was a member of teams which won the 4×400 metres relay gold medal at both the European Championships and Commonwealth Games. The following year, he was on the team which won the 4×400 metres relay silver medal at the World Championships.

Redmond’s struggle in the 1992 semi-final later became the subject of one of the International Olympic Committee’s ‘Celebrate Humanity’ videos. In 2008, Redmond was featured in a Visa advertisement promoting the Olympic Games. The advertisement highlights his 1992 injury, noting that “he, and his father, finished dead last, but he, and his father, finished”.

On January 10, 2012, his father Jim was announced that he will be one of the Olympic torch bearers in London during the summer games.


Such should be the Motivation and spirit in Life.

You should have dreams. But should be backed by effort too. We Malayalees lack this effort behind the dreams.

The class conducted by the Project Co-ordinator of “Yes India”, Mr.Munir Master hailing from Kozhikode, started his interersting class with a nice over view of the subject.

The Career Guidance Cell of the Vocational Department of The Kayyur Government School headed by Ms Priya Teacher would be glad to have a such a scintillating motivational guidance started by a brief description of what is meant actually by ‘Career’.

    According to the Master, Career is a visionary journey defining the future and Life of the individual.

Career is a means and end by itself, which is rooted in the right  aptitude of each person.

     Right aptitude is the Platforum where the vision fo career is grounded. It should be nurtured by an amiable and congenial environment. When the aptitude, Hard work and Ability of an individual meets correct opportunity, SUCCESS happens by its own.

     Some times there may be right aptitude and and essential ability, devoid of congenial environmet, like a poor or indifferent family.

     But here we should remember the sayings of great personalities like Abrahom Linkon, Edison and Hellen Kellor and get energy to face any ordeal in our Career.


  Summing Up, the class was highly motivating and provided the students a new turn in their studies, at a time of impending examinations.

C and D Training – Training Programme for Senior Assistants from 3rd January 2012 to 07 January 2012

C and D Training

Training Programme for Senior Assistants from 3rd January 2012 to 07 January 2012

Financial Management, Stores Accounting and Office Administration.

Conducted by Regional Power Training Institute-(RPTI) Kozhikode

Shedules :

Day 1 : 3 January 2012
¤ Registration & Inauguration

¤ Forenoon Session : –
Faculty – Sri. sathyarthi Sai Kumar,
Senior Assistant, R.I.T.U ,

¤Afternoon Session:
Faculty : Krishna Kumar, AFO, System,
Operations Circle
Topics: Compilation of Accounts
Inter unit Accounts
Case Studies of Inter Unit Accounts

Day 2 : -04 January 2012

¤ Forenoon Session : –
Faculty – Sri. sivadas PP, Financial Officer,
Transmission Circle, Aalappuzha
Topics:-¥ work Execution Principles
¥Procurement contract
¥CVC guidelines in Procurement

¤Afternoon Session:

Faculty : Sri. jayachandran. K.R
Deputy Secretary(Rtd.)
Topics:¥ Pension Rules
¥ Pay Bills
¥ TA Bills
¥ Service Regulations
¥ Office Procedures
¥ Disciplinary Regulations
¥ Right to Information Act.

Day 3 : -05 January 2012

¤Forenoon Sessions

Faculty: Jayakumar.C.K
AEE,ESD, Nadakkavu
9447636149 native of TVM

Topics:¥Electricity Distribution Company.
¥ Function
¥ Electricity Act 2003

Afternoon Session

Faculty : Gopinathan Pillai G
Senior Superintendent,
Punaloor Sectiom,

Topics : ¥ Revenue Management
¥ Financial Management
¥ Motivation
¥ Communication Skill
¥ Stress Management
¥ Consumer Services & Care
¥ Office Automation Processes.
Day 4
06 January 2012

Forenoon Session:

Faculty : Zubair P
Financial Officer
Office of the Chief Engineer (C)

Topis : ¥ Manual of Finance
¥ Cash & Bank
¥ Cash and Bank Accounting
Day 5
07 January 2012

Forenoon Session :

Faculty : Subhash Kumar Varma
Senior Superintendent
Electrical Section Thiruvallom

Topics : ¥ Budgetary Principles
¥ Budgetary Control
¥ Accounting Procedure
¥ Asset accounting

After noon Session

Faculty : Zubair P
Financial Officer
Office of the Chief Engineer (C)
Topics ;
¥ Agricultural Tax and Service Tax