Debian 7.0 – wheezy

Debian recent release, Debian 7.0 (“wheezy”).

Debian 7.0 has been in development for over
two years and is the product of almost a thousand volunteer developers and other contributors from around the world.

Debian is one of the leading Linux
distributions. It is also one of the oldest (it was started in 1993). It is the foundation on which Kubuntu is based.

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Kubuntu Linux More

Technologies Used
Kubuntu is based on free software from many communities of developers including:

KDE Software , applications that give you power.

Plasma , KDE’s desktop and netbook workspaces

Linux , an operating system kernel taking over the world

Debian , supplying most of our packages Ubuntu , turning free software into distributions such as Kubuntu

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Kubuntu | Friendly Computing
Kubuntu | Friendly Computing

Installed and configured my Samsung Note book N-150 .

I am thrilled with the Kubuntu experience   .


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