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How to become an Industry-Ready Professional !

How to become an Industry-Ready Professional!!
Countless Success Stories.

Professional Programme in Business Management with specialization in Marketing Finance and Human Resource
Fashion Technology
Advertising & Graphic Design / Visual Communication
English Language Programmes
Executive Courses
Krishna Dathan
One-of-a-kind ‘Traineeship’ programme in a real-job environment.
Earn while your Learn
Mentored by personal having a rich pool of experience and expertise from the industry
Well-rounded ‘curriculum’ empowering you to be Industry-Ready.

Focuses on the ‘ability-creation’ of the learner, more than just academic centric learning.

Krishnan Dathan
Krishnan Dathan

– placement in blue-chip MNC’s and Institutions like Delloite, Microsoft Corporation, Lenovo, ITC Limited, L & T, Bombay Dying, Mahindra and Mahindra, Motilal Oswal etc

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Krishna Dathan

Om !

The unstruck sound …
Never heard
Never spoken…
Only experienced..
Beyond adjectives,Beyond language …
Known always by unknown !
Persuade that inner vibration –
That’s what all Indology says .


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