The Mental Laws

Understanding The Mental Laws

The Law of Surrender

According to what or whom our mind thinks consistently of, we will take on the form of the object or the person to which we have surrendered. We can see this in children, when they transfer their minds to actors they see on television, and then begin to behave like them.

What is the highest form to which we can surrender our self? There may be several answers to this question in our mind. Choose the truth from among them. So what is the truth?

Spirituality gives us answers to questions like: Who am I? Who is the Supreme Being? What is my relationship with him? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What is the purpose of our existence? What is the importance of the present time? How can the Supreme Being empower us at the present time?

The answers to these questions show us the way to surrendering our mind to the Supreme Being, which is the highest entity to which we can surrender. When we do that, gradually we get colored by his knowledge, virtues and powers.

The Supreme Soul (GOD) is the most powerful & everything in the universe; everything else is temporary, including our so called beautiful body.
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