Micromax MMX 310G

Product Details
Micromax MMX 310G
Micromax MMX310G Data Card can be used with any GSM SIM card be it Airtel, Docomo or BSNL among various other 3G providers in the country. This Data Card is a portable and high speed internet access mode for office and home. Micromax MMX 310G is featured with 3.6 mbps Download and 384 kbps Upload speed with Plug and Play Auto install Software. Micromax MMX 310G supports SMS and PHB as well as Automatic network selection. Micromax MMX 310G comes with USB 2.0 Full Speed and T-Flash memory Reader upto 8GB.
Key Features:
2100 MHz UMTS
Standard 6 PIN SIM card interface
2.1/3.0 vCard Version
RGB LED Indicator
Supported, Max up to 16GB