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PLATFORM Android Operating System
v.4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

PROCESSOR CPU: 1 Gigahertz Processor1-GHz-Processor-Zync

4-GB+4-GB-Memory4 GB ROM/Internal Memory
microSD Card Support* (4 GB Card Included)
Expandable up to 32 GB

DISPLAY 5″ TFT LCD Capacitive Touch Screen
5 Point Multi-Touch
800 x 480 Pixels Resolution

SOUND Stereo Speakers
3.5mm Audio Jack (For Earphones/Headsets/Speakers)
Built-in Microphone

CAMERA Back Camera, 8.0 Megapixel with Auto focus & LED Flash
Front Camera, 0.3 Megapixel
2G Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz









zync-cloud-z5-3 3G Network: HSDPA 2100MHz
Wireless LAN/Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Bluetooth v.2.0
Miro USB Port

MOTION SENSOR Accelerometer, G – Sensor

BODY Textured Body Finish | Black Body Color
Bar Form Factor
Weight: 165 grams
Google Play Store (Android Market)
Google Maps & GPS Navigation
HTML Browser, Adobe Flash
Adobe Reader, Aldiko e-Book Reader
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
GTalk, Whatsapp, MSN, Yahoo Messenger
Skype Video Calling
Office Suite: Word/Excel/Power Point
Games: Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, etc.
Audio: MP3/WAV/eAAC+/Flac player
Video: MP4/DivX/Xvid/FLV/MKV player
BIG Flix Subscription, Bollywood Hungama
Daily Horoscope, ibibo Games, Zomato
Email, Google Search, Picasa Integration
Organizer, Calendar, etc.
BATTERY Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 2500 mAh

Radiation from popular cellular phones

The cellular phone has to emit radiofrequency energy at levels high enough to reach base stations (antenna towers) tens of kilometers away. Since the energy is emitted as a microwave in the direct vicinity of the users head there are concerns about the safety of this technology. There are reports from cell studies as well as animal studies that are most worrying. Among other effects the double DNA breakage is among the fundamental och disturbing findings. This may indicate that there may be a significant risk of developing cancer tumours, foremost brain tumours in the user of cellular (mobile) phones.

The design of the cellular phones casing, electronic and foremost the antenna construction gives widely different near and far fields around the phone. It is at present time not completely clear what parameters of the field gives biological effects, however as an intermediate cautionary step one can use the simple measure of absorbed radiated energy into the tissue of the head. This is given as a SAR – Specific Absorption Ratio and is measured in watts per kilogram. This may not be a true measure of the biological hazard from the phone but may be used as an indication of the energy recieved into the head. See it as prudent avoidance.

Niels Kuster, a radiation expert at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, has developed a new measurement technique to measure cell-phone EMR towards the user’s head. He measured 16 popular cell phone models, and published the results in the Swiss Consumer Report magazine. The table below was initiated based upon data from his study:

Additional new phone models added from other sources 990611
Additional phone models added 991004, source Aftonbladet 991004
Additional source http://www.sardata.com/sardata.htm 000808

Manufacturer Model SAR (W/kg)
Motorola Star Tac 130 0.10
Nokia Nokia 8810 0.22
Hagenuk Global 0.28
Motorola StarTac 0.33
Motorola i1000plus 0.35
Mitsubishi Trium Galaxy G-130 0.37
Motorola Star Tac 130 (fixed antenna) 0.38
Sony CM-DX 1000 0.41
Ericsson SH888 0.42
Sony CMD-C1 0.55
Ericsson I8888 World 0.60
Nokia 6150 0.69
Motorola CD 930 0.70
Siemens C25 0.72
Nokia 8110i 0.73
Audiovox HGP2000E 0.75
Ericsson S828 0.77
Motorola d160 0.81
Nokia 6110 0.87
Ericsson A1018s 0.88
Sony CMD-Z1 0.88
Ericsson SH888 0.90
Ericsson GF788 0.91
Trium Galaxy 0.93
Motorola cd 930 0.94
Panasonic EB-G520 0.95
Ericsson GH688 0.95
Audiovox PCX-1000XL 0.98
Panasonic EB G500 0.98
Audiovox CDM 4000 1.00
Motorola GSM 1900 1.00
Sharp TQ G700 1.01
Philips Genie 1.05
Nokia 1611 1.06
Philips Diga 1.06
Philips Savy 1.11
Bosch GSM 909 1.13
Nokia 3210 1.14
Sanyo SCP-400 1.16
Trium Galaxy (fixed antenna) 1.16
Motorola cd 920 1.17
Nokia 3110 1.24
Ascom Axento 1.25
Motorola Startac (TDMA) 1.25
Motorola I500 1.25
Philips Genie 1800 1.26
Nokia 6161 1.27
Samsung SCH6100 1.27
LG Info & Com 1.29
Mitsubishi T250 1.29
Audiovox 9000 1.30
Bosch M-Com 906 1.32
Ericsson DH-668 1.32
Ascom Elisto 1.33
Denso TP 2200 1.33
Siemens C25 1.33
Nokia 7160 1.33
Qualcomm QCP-2760 1.33
Ericsson A1228D 1.35
Motorola Startac dualmode 1.36
Denso Touchpoint 1.37
Sanyo SCP-310 1.37
Neopoint NP-1000 1.38
Samsung SCH3500 1.38
Sanyo SCP-4500 1.38
Nokia 8860 1.39
Sony CMB-1200,2200,3200 1.39
Ericsson T18 1.40
Ericsson R280 1.41
Philips Genie 1800 (fixed antenna) 1.41
Qualcomm 1960 1.41
Nokia 6162 1.42
Nokia 6185 1.42
Sanyo SCP4000 1.44
Audivox 3300 1.45
Nokia 5160 1.45
Mitsubishi T200 1.47
Samsung SCH8500 1.49
Ericsson LX-588 1.51
Motorola SC-3160 1.52
Philips Genie 900 1.52
Ericsson KF788 1.56
Motorola v3688 1.58
Bosch GSM908 1.59
Philips Genie 900 (fixed antenna) 2.67

SAR is given as Cenelec value for average EMR exposure of user’s head, measured in Watt per kg of user’s body weight. (A low number means less radiated energy into the users head).

The fact that Ericsson SH888 is given two different SAR values reflects the uncertainty how SAR should be measured. The same radiation will give different SAR values depending on calculation or measurement method, whether the ear is a lossy one or just a distancer, and if the SAR is calculated over 1 g, 10 g or 1 kg of tissue (and also the shape that region is given, eg. a cube).

Note that Star Tac exists in various models, some have low SAR and some don´t. Also note that despite the low SAR for Star Tac many people complain of headaches or other sympthoms when using those (just another indication that SAR may NOT be the best way of describing health effects from cellular phones).

Cell Phone Radiation Triggers Measurable Brain Cell Changes in Mere Minutes

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/022429.html#ixzz1UNF3iZnV

(NaturalNews) As little as 10 minutes on a cell phone can trigger changes in brain cells linked to cell division and cancer, suggests a new study conducted by researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and published in the Biochemical Journal.

Previously, advocates of cell-phone safety have maintained that the phones cannot cause brain damage because the microwave radiation that they emit is at a level too low to heat the body’s cells. But in the new study, changes in biological processes began at an energy level even lower than that used by a typical phone, even without heating occurring.

“Safety guidelines assume [that] health effects from mobiles can only occur when significant heating of body tissue occurs. [But] this study shows biological changes in response to low-level mobile phone radiation — something that could potentially have implications for health,” said Graham Philips of the British nonprofit Powerwatch.

Researchers exposed both human and rat cells to low-level radiation at a frequency of 875 megahertz, a similar frequency to that used by most cellular phones. The intensity of the radiation was far lower than that used by most phones, however.

Even so, within 10 minutes the scientists observed changes within the cells. A chemical switch regulating cell division was switched on — a switch that has been linked to a variety of cancers.

There was no direct evidence of cancer inducement in the current study. However, the researchers point out that the changes occurring at the low radiation level were non-thermal in nature, something previously said to be impossible. Thus, the study challenges the entire basis on which cell phones’ presumption of safety has been based.

“The significance lies in showing cells do react to cell-phone radiation in a non-thermal way,” said co-author Rony Seger. “We used radiation power levels that were around one tenth of those produced by a normal mobile. The changes we observed were clearly not caused by heating.”

“This helps explain why mobile phone radiation has been linked to increases in cancer tumors,” said consumer health advocate Mike Adams. “Until now, skeptics have said the radiation wasn’t intense enough to cause cells to overheat, but now we’re learning there can be significant cellular changes taking place at far lower levels of exposure.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/022429.html#ixzz1UNFRMYSP