00.49 June Raining 10 TH 2914

Krishna Dathan

Krishna Dathan

It’s nearing Pournamy of Jyeshta.
Monsoon started.
Kunjoottan fine and as fit as a fiddle.

Each Atomic moment of this illusion called LIFE pass away, pass on…with all it’s might, momentum, pain & Aananda.
00.53- just now* rain started again.
Rains of Silence…

Krishna Dathan
Krishna Dathan

Musings on Monsoon June 18

June is wet , now 02.12 am of 18.6.2012
Wet is Cool.
Cool is wind


√”“Wind is deadly
Wind is nice
Wind can hurt
Wind can kill
Wind can love
Wind can care
Wind is the source of energy “°¶

° °°°°    °°°° °      °°°°° °°°°°   °°°°°°°



Earth feeds us all in plenty..what we repay...?

It’s rainining. And Raining. And Raining. !
The bounty of Mother Universe.

”Rain Rain Go Away
Come Again another day”

Is only a nursery rhyme.

We pray
”Rain Rain come today
Go Away another day”

Or rather never go away…!

Whole of the atmosphere around is ladden with the sweet fragrance of fresh, happy soil. The cool environment, with the sprroughting seedlings is such enchanting that mind jumps to an elevated mood.

June 29
In malayalam calendar,’ mithunam’ is running.
Rain and sun plays a hide and seek game.
For a bike rider, it’s a bit confusing…