Increasing Your Potential

Source:Gopal Nair

Fear is an experience where there is anxiety, inhibition (suppression) and mistrust. Fear can lead us to aggressiveness and pessimism (a negative mindset), to depression, to illness, to defeat, to a lack of meaning in existence and, eventually, to death.

When we do not have faith in our own capacity to resist pressure or difficulties, we feel insecure, and from insecurity the doors are opened for fears to enter. Sometimes, out of a lack of experience, self-knowledge or personal development, we are not aware of all the inner resources that we have. For example, if you do not trust your capacity to float in water, you drown. The body’s density allows it to float automatically. Through not believing it, not knowing, or even knowing, when you panic, your strength to resist is reduced, your breathing becomes shallow and you may drown.

We have many inner resources to be able to survive in times of crisis and many resources to live positively in times of change. We simply have to discover them, recognize them and use them with trust. Spirituality helps us in doing that.