Meditation on the Music of Silence !

Goddess of Music - "Shri Saraswathi"
The Legacy of ”Sanathana Dharma” (the so called ”Hinduism”) is infinitely rich. Rich with the treasures for every soul tredding on the path of Self Realization.
Sages of India, have a plethora of time proven techniques to offer which can help an aspirant to face any ordeal that he may confront in his path of Self actualization.
”Nadaanusandhana” is only one among the millions of such techniques, but a most important one.
Symphony of Silence

”Nadanusandham’ means the meditation on ‘nadam’ – the ‘sound’.
Thus Music becomes a finer way of meditation. Classical Music of India, especially south Indian ‘Carnatic Music’ is specially defined and scientifically encoded on the platform of pure harmonics.Even a simple melody in a simple carnatic music has the immense capacity to lift our souls to ecstatic divine moods.
Trinity Divine

Universe Originated from the Nadaa of Damaru of Nataraaja
I use this blog platform to render a bunch of thanks to Shri.Ajith Nambudiri, who is a stalwart in studies on this finer aspects of ”Pure Music” of rich Indian Music tradition. Based at Trivandrum, Kerala, India, he is taking much pain in plunging into the depths of primeval ocean of ”Nadam”.

On the Platforum of ”Kairali TV” and Amrutha TV, renowned Malayalam TV channels, Shri Ajith Nambudiri has by now presented immense contributions, and is true to the word, he is appreciably dynamic,vibrant and young enthusiast capable of Anchoring a lot more surprises to Pure Music Lovers all over the world.

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