Oruma Relaease note 1.6.6

Release Note – ORUMA Ver 1.6.6-R/ 27.04.2012

Tariff Revision due to introduction of Fuel Surcharge and subsidy on Fuel Surcharge are included.

The Fuel surcharge of 20 paise/ kwh is applicable to all type of consumers except domestic consumers having consumption not more than 20 units per month and connected load of less than or equal to 500W.
The Fuel Surcharge rate factor will be shown in the Bill print. While taking the meter reading, the Spot billers should calculate the Fuel Surcharge amount using the FS rate factor noted in the bill and is multipled by consumption. This amount arrived should be written against the fuel surcharge row provided in the bill and if the consumer has subsidy (domestic consumers up to 240 unit bimonthly till 30.05.2012), it should be written against the FS Subsidy row without fail.
The Senior Superintendent of all Electrical Sections should ensure that bills for the month of April 2012 is issued only after installing the ‘Oruma’ version 1.6.6-R. The system will not revise any of the bill issued without Fuel Surcharge Demand after 01/04/2012 or before installing ‘Oruma’ version 1.6.6-R. In such case Fuel Surcharge Demand should be calculated manually and revise the bill.
Keep the monthly consumers reading date as 1st day of every month till FS withdrawn.
Fuel Surcharge Collection/ Demand details will be available in the menu,
· Accounts => Reports =>SOP 12/ SOP14.
· Reports => Collection report => SOP Collection report, then select SOP category as ‘Fuel surcharge’.
Please Read B.O(FM)No.651/2012(KSEB/TRAC/Fuelsurcharge/2011-12 dtd TVM 24.03.2012.