Oruma Release Note 1:6:3

Strategic Plan
Our strategic priorities:
Stabilize infrastructure
Increase participation
Improve quality
Increase reach
Encourage innovation
targets for 2015:
For Knowledge , Horizon-less Sky is the limitless LIMIT…!
Increase the number of Worthy, Motivating articles we offer to 50 million
Ensure information is high quality by increasing the percentage of material reviewed to be of high or very high quality by 25 percent
Support healthy diversity

KSEB Oruma Installation

check the md raid status
cat /proc/mdstat
[[result UU – ok]]

crontab – l


Alt + F2 – gk su nautilus

memory- edit php.ini-line267
ALt+F2- launcher

Partitions-Debian RAID-root30/home60/var70.1/db80/swap10
Linux commands
dig +trace IP
…? [lprm ] .. printer..cups