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Yoga in My Vision – 1

My Elder Brother with a Fire Inside !

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Sent: 16/11/2011, 10:38 PM
Subject: yoga


tell me your correct vision about yoga

a Fine Yoga Teacher !

Vision, the correct noun, used by you, of not only ‘yoga’ but all those treasures were seen and taught by Seers.
sage Patanjali have envisaged every minute aspect of yoga.
no one ever in the world can say anything more.
Yoga simply, the word itself is full of meanings.
One among them is ” to unite”.
Bradley, the famous psychologist calls it Synthesis.
Then the question – what ?

The answer always comes out of a catharsis.
A catharsis is evolved out of a Revolution. That was the Basic principle of Communism.
Dialectical Materialsim targets this Catharsis, and the theory is that Synthesis will happen by it’s own.