The Quality Of Love

Love on Sands of Time
Love on Sands of Time

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Love is normally associated with the heart. But what is the heart? You are your heart. Human consciousness is the heart. You have two hearts – the physical heart and the spiritual heart. Your physical heart is not a source of love, it is simply a very powerful pump. Your spiritual heart is a source of love and you are it. Why? Because you are spirit or soul. This is important because it reminds you that you are love and you are a source of love. One of the natural qualities of the soul is love.


Thus, you don’t need love because you already have it! However, you don’t feel it. You normally believe that love and happiness are physical sensations and come from outside. That’s why attachment happens and our life becomes rather dry of real love. This false belief, that love comes from outside, eventually makes us turn our own life into one which is filled with sounds of ‘give me, give me, give me’! Its no wonder love is a rare experience because the moment our aim is to take we change the energy of our heart into fear.

The fear that we won’t get, the fear that if we do get it won’t be up to expectation and the fear that when we do get we might lose what we got! And we haven’t even got it yet! If only someone had told us that fear is the opposite of love.

Giving someone your Love is never an assurance that they will return it back to you.

Do not expect Love in return immediately…Just wait for it to grow in their heart… & the result will always be positive. Love is Life!

Love Heart
Love Heart

Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

Courtesy : Gopal Nair
Date: Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 8:33 AM
Subject: Thought For The Day – Understanding The Quality Of Love
To: Malayali Friends