Stress Management – Some Practical techniques

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Stress – in this modern life When we feel stressed our difficulty tends to be reflected in certain physiological (physical) and psychological (mental) symptoms, whose importance we may not fully understand.

These are normal signs that we should re-check our priorities – our body, or our state of mind, is telling us that something in our lives needs to change.
Listed here are some of the common signs:
1. Restlessness – We could have difficulty sitting still for even short periods of time and we may play with our hands, play with our thumbs or play with the rings on our fingers. 2. Impatience And Short-temperedness – We could find ourselves becoming angry at any moment for simple reasons; or we may snap at people, too quick to assume that they are accusing us. 3. Obsessive Working – Overworking can be a stress symptom, although stress can also cause some people to work very little.4. Loss Of Appetite – Food doesn’t interest us anymore. Either we don’t eat, or we over-eat junk food, or whatever is in the cupboard or fridge.
5. Fear Of Silence – Silence may cause us discomfort, so that we “over-talk” when with other people or leave on the radio or television when alone. Sometimes we may not tolerate noise at all.
What is Stress ?
Stress is a state of Mind·   
Stress is a mind-body reaction. response to a situation· To flight from/fight the situation
Why Stress Happens?·         
When a situation/condition is not Acceptable to us·        
 When we want to do/get something but are unable·        
 When ego is hurt (feedback, comments, criticism…)·         
When we loose something which we feel as importantStress is mostly due to·         Fear (of Future)·         Worry (about Past)·         And not so much due to Present Moment·         

It is always due to the perception of MindDifferent people ‘feel’ different stress levels for the same situations
What Happens when Stressed?·       

  Psychology of Stress:
Emotional impact·         Anxiety·         Fear·         Depression·         Anger·         Sadness·         Physiology of Stress·         ¡Acidity·         Ulcers·         Heart ailments·         Blood Pressure·         Kidney problems·         Diabetes

Chain Reaction of Stress: The Negative SpiralSome Impacts of Sustained and Unmanaged Stress·      
   Brain·         Continues to operate in higher Beta state (15 to 26 cycles per second of electrical impulses (EEG))·         Continues to trigger the rest of the body mechanism and create stress·         Blood Pressure remains high·       

  High blood pressures can lead to Heart failure, paralysis (due to breakdown of blood vessels in brain)…·         Acidity, Ulcer and other digestive problems·         Diabetes
Kidney problems due to overload on removing toxins from the body·         


Reduces immunity and makes body susceptible to diseasesSome More Impacts·         Human body & mind are a highly complex and integrated system·         Each system impacts the other: either positively or negatively·         Stress and Mind induced effects on the body are far more harmful than the external pollution·         Internal Toxins are far more harmful than external chemical/industrial pollutionWhy Allopathic Medicines and Stimulants are not good for managing Stress?·        

 Allopathic medicines directly add chemical to the body and interfere with the internal chemical factoriesE.g. Taking Antacids for Acidity neutralizes the acid in the stomach. Then body thinks that the acid is not sufficient and starts producing more.E.g. Anti-depressants suppress the ability of brain cells to generate electric impulses·       

  People taking such drugs for prolonged time become dull·         Stimulants like Tobacco, Coffee, Tea, Coco etc. temporarily trigger higher activities·         Subsequently body craves for more & more stimulantsThen how to manage stress?·        

 Turn it into a Positive Spiral·     


    Break the negative cycle at each pointSome amount of Stress is Some amount of Stress is healthy – it triggers and energizes the systemManaging Stress·         Root Cause: Manage Mind·         Positive Thinking and Attitude·         Larger view of life·         MeditationBuild capability to face stressful situations and reduce the impact of stress at physiological level·         Yoga·         Pranayamam (breathing exercises)·       


  Healthy lifestyle and food habits·         Have multiple positive energy sources·         Hobbies, interestsLife is going to be full of stress; nobody can escape from it during this modern life. However, we need to learn the art of reducing the stress level and make our mind happy, happy and happy!


Natural Qualities and Acquired Qualities

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Natural Qualities and Acquired Qualities
When we look at ourselves from outside we can only see the surface of what we have become. We can’t see or perhaps cannot even imagine the inner core (center), which, like in the example of the coconut, is the only part that really can nourish us and give us energy. The shell (in the case of the coconut) serves as a protection but we certainly can’t eat it.

In our case, the core (center) consists of natural or inner qualities such as peace, love, power, truth, happiness and so on. The shell is the ego which consists of features or personality characteristics we have acquired through the journey of our lives such as experiences, abilities, memories, learning, habits and beliefs – in short, all that we are referring to when we say: ‘I am so-and-so, from such-and-such family or organization or city’.

While we are limited to these acquired characteristics, our true qualities remain inaccessible. Through deep reflection and meditation we can break the shell and activate our inner qualities from which our values or principles are born.
We all have good qualities, which are our strength. Kindly analysis our good qualities (our strength) and utilize it in the right direction to lead a Peaceful Life! We all came empty handed, we all have to leave empty handed only. This GOD gifted beautiful life is short but precious, so please don’t waste it… live it, live it and live it FULLY.