Marks on the Path


The picture is of the Tyre mark on wet, muddy road. Same will be the picture of the impression of every thought on the neural paths of human brain. Round the clock, we nurture billions of thought forms. Some times knowingly, and most of the time quite unknowingly. This is a very important information, that must be kept in mind, very useful in Self Development (Personality Development) .


Samvrutha Sunil and SriAkhil Raj tied sacred wedding knot

Famous Malayalam Heroine and talented Sri Samvrutha Sunil and SriAkhil Raj  tied sacred wedding knot at Kannur on Thursday 1, November 2012.


Sri Akhil Raj, is a computer engineer working in the United


The marriage took place at Vaava Cliff House here in the presence of relatives, close friends in the film field and some political leaders.


The bridegroom hails from
Chevarambalam in Kozhikode.
Eldest daughter of Sunil Kumar and Sadhana of Chalad, Kannur, Samvrutha entered the film
industry with ‘Rasikan’ directed by Lal Jose in 2004. Since then she had acted in nearly 30 Malayalam movies, including Achanurangatha Veedu, Arabikkatha, Chocolate, Thirakkatha and Ayalum Njanum Thammil, which is in theatres


Lal Jose, actors Kunchan and Anne
Augustine, and the former Minister P.K. Sreemathy attended the wedding.



ove, in its true spirit, Can’t be Defined, but only Experience!
Loving someone in the ordinary course of life is Not the True Love…., but just an Attachment.
What we seek and describes in today’s world as Love is merely a spark of It,
which is born out from some kind of attachments.

Like the spark that appears and disappears immediately,
while rubbing two pieces of stones together,
the moment these source of attachments (physical attraction, wealth, habits etc), ceases to exist,
the so-called Love also vanishes in thin air.

As it is said that “Finite & Impermanent objects can never gift you the Lasting Happiness”,
Love born out of attachments can’t last for ever!

Even the Purest form of love known to us,
which exists between a Mother & her Child,
is also developed from mere Attachment …
as we know that No women feel the same Love to somebody’s child!

The one who is filled with Compassion
can never feel hatred, but only Love.
Similarly, the one who is filled with Pure Love
can only demonstrate Compassion,
to every beings, and every objects!
watch them, the way they even handles their sandals,
to understand this truth!

The Purest of the pure Love is that of the Lord, to His creations,
(…because all the creations are born out of Him!)
and the Love of His Creations, those who has realized this truth, to their Lord!

Being a mere creation, our utmost aim in life should be
to cultivate True Love for the Creator
to know Him and to Realize Him

Pregnancy Tips from a Talented Artist and Caring Mother – Smt. Kajol

Mr & Mrs Ajay Dev Ghan

For the vivacious Kajol, fitness is a great love.
The actress who made a successful comeback post-delivery, loves working out.
“Getting back in shape after having a child is not an easy task. And I realised that when my doctor told me how much my daughter weighed, which meant that all those extra kilos were for me to shed. When I decided to return to films, I had to work really hard to lose all that excess weight. I’ve always enjoyed working out, so I hit the gym with a vengeance and controlled my intake of food as well. I spent a lot of time in my effort to get back in shape. That helped me lose inches. I realised, though, that there’s no shortcut to losing weight or getting a svelte figure. I’d advise pregnant women to keep themselves active as much as they can. You need to get in shape after your delivery or you’ll regret it later,” she says.

The talented actress, who is now pregnant with her second child, doesn’t work out as much as before, but makes sure that she hits the gym in her house every day. Having had a personal trainer to help her exercise for several years, Kajol now enjoys working out on her own now. “After a couple of years, you know what suits your body best. Now, unless I’m training for a movie role, I avoid a trainer.”

Smt. Kajol during her Pregnancy period of her First Child

A self-confessed fitness addict, Kajol adds, “The one hour I spend working out daily is very important to me. I have a lot of excess energy within me and working out is a great way to release it. I get hyper if I skip a day at the gym; unable to concentrate on anything. Even reading a book gets difficult because I feel agitated.”

Working out is also the best stressbuster for her. “Working out is a great way to destress. I value and enjoy the time when I’m working out by myself. It is my way of letting go of all my stress and balance my day perfectly. Having a good gym at home helps, and I make the most of it. Although these days, I’m going a little easy since I’m pregnant,” says Kajol.

And while she is known for her great love for reading, Kajol also loves to keep her mind active. “Working out the mind is as important as working out the body, and I do both regularly. I solve the sudoku and crossword puzzles every day and keep my mind stimulated.”



Love – the only Truth

The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
they’re in each other all along.
(by Rumi on love)