Nurturing Our Sankalpa Shakti, the sacred Intention

Shakthi unleashed
Shakthi unleashed

Nurturing Our Sankalpa Shakti, the sacred Intention
Every prayer must manifest our Sankalpa Shakti in the presence of the moment.
A true Yogic awakening flows with divine grace when we remind ourselves every morning of our daily Sankalpa!

The soft hues of dawn ushers in a surreal silence where we can tap into our deeper self, experiencing the subtle vibrations and sensations which permeate the body, mind, heart and spirit. Yogic Awakening must unfold gentle meditative moments to assuage the flow of our thoughts and sensations reminding ourselves of the need for nurturing our higher being, the soul stirrings of which are in the presence of every moment.

Awakening to a deeper awareness of the breath stirs the soul into this presence of body, mind and heart. Maha Prana is the essence of Shiva and Shakti, the masculine and feminine energies as the flow of Pranic grace. In Yogic parlance we must cultivate the deeper breath of harmony, love and nurturing.

We must heal and calm the Prana before moving into our nightly sleep modes. The deep calm Prana salutes our divinity!
Last thing at night we need to spend some quiet moments in contemplation – how much of our Sankalpa have we allowed to manifest through the presence of every moment…..

Sankalpa is not about punishing ourselves through rigid thoughts and practices. We must formalise a vision or Sankalpa with a positive intention rooted in the presence of every moment beginning with our conscious breath and acknowledging that pure Love is our deeper nature which nurtures our true essence.

The core of every sankalpa is nurturing, and a calm mind helps manifest the sankalpa at a deeper level. Reinforcing the sankalpa as divine grace allows it to manifest in our lives as Shakti.

The positive mind-set formalising the Sankalpa from a meditative, calm and sthira space helps to stir positive vibrations that set the Sankalpa into motion. A peaceful heart nurtured through awareness and clarity is the best place to sow the seed of our sankalpa and to resonate with its sacred intention through the spoken word or mantric Shakti force.
Shakti Sankalpa is the sacred Intention which aspires for higher goals in our lives, manifesting our deeper resolution, determination, tenacity, persistence and perseverance in achieving and fulfilling our dharma.

Spirit – A very Good Malayalam Movie

Malayalam Satirical film written and directed by Ranjith
Theme : increasing habits of alcoholism in Kerala.

The principal photography of the film started on March 2012.
It has been produced by Antony Perumbavoorunder the banner Aashirvad Cinemas. Prakash Raj were to be one of the lead actors in the film. But he was later replaced by Shankar Ramakrishnan who makes his debut as an actor.

Cast : Mohanlal, Kanika, Madhu, Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Siddarth Barathan, Nandu, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Tiny Tom, Kalpana, Master Abhi Sateesh and Master Prajawal, .

Direction : Renjith
Producer : Antony Perumbavoor
Cast : Mohanlal,Kaniha
Banner : Aashirvaad Cinemas
Release Year : 2012
Camera: Venu
Starring: Mohanlal

Mohanlal and Ranjit teams up again after a gap of four years for the upcoming movie ‘Spirit’. The last film they worked together was Rock N Roll. Spirit started shooting on March 10 at Thiruvananthapuram.
Ranjith explains: “I believe there are two kinds of people in Kerala. On one hand, you have intelligent, successful people who become slaves to alcohol. They cannot function without it. As a result of it, their families suffer. Many of these alcoholics have marital problems and often, physically and emotionally, abuse their spouse. On the other, there are many others who are not teetotallers but they don’t need booze 24X7 to keep them in good spirits,” says Ranjith.

Accusation of plagiarism
Abdul Azeez, a short filmmaker and assistant director, has accused that Spirit is plagiarised from his short film My Hero But Big Zero. He adds that Plumber Maniyan, the character played by Nandu in Spirit, was entirely based on the protagonist of his film

The film was positively received by most critics. Performances by Mohanlal as Raghunandan and Nandu as Plumber Maniyan were particularly praised

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