Unified field theory and Shri Chakra (UFT &Sri Yantra)

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As per definition, UFT is theory that describes two or more of the four interactions (electromagnetic, gravitational, weak, and strong) previously described by separate theories.


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The favorable effects of the Meru Chakra:

Sri Chakra, Shri Meru

bring happiness and wealthharmonize the spacestress-releasestronger female energy in the homeeffectively corrects the deficiencies of north and north-east

Period of benefit

A common question is “how soon can one expect to experience the benefit of owning a Meru Chakra?” This usually takes 45 days however this is a traditional estimate. For some, results are almost immediate, while for others patience may be required as results will be evident over the long-term, gradually but steadfastly increasing stages of good fortune. Of paramount significance is the intention, faith and devotion of the owner.


How does it work?

The Meru Chakra is made at the auspicious time as per the astrological calendar, therefore the chakra just by itself is highly effective. Furthermore, when one focuses on the chakra, the mind is automatically tuned in by resonance into the specific form energy of the chakra. This process of resonance is then amplified. Inevitably, the chakra has the ability to connect the owner with elevated energies – energies of invaluable help on the spiritual path and/or meditation, therefore the owners connection with the chakra is highly recommended.



It is necessary to understand that the Meru Chakra is a unique tool encompassing existing enhancing potential. The Meru Chakra is known for providing assistance in attracting prosperity and wealth on all levels, however one cannot force something to occur or manifest that is against ones natural karma. It is essential to remember that the Meru Chakra cannot force something to take place, just because the owner desires it. It is important to care for the Meru Chakra with utmost respect and reverence.


What is the Meru Chakra made up of?

 The Meru Chakra is made of soft precious metals:


and gold filled (thick gold plating). Furthermore, in accordance with the correct geometric measures, as directed by the ancient Vedic scriptures.

The original complex geometric precision measures are calculated with the latest computer equipment, precious metals and highest precision are perfect as the Meru Chakra is in its aesthetic, as well as in energy terms.



It is best to avoid the chakra from coming in contact with any form of liquid to ensure the lifespan of its plating.


The Recursive Universe


Sri Yantra


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Vilakku PooJa puthukkai

Vilakku Pooja
Vilakku Pooja

Vilakku Pooja – as defenitely the name suggests is the worship offered to the “Nila Vilakku” or the serene lamp . Here the Agni or the fire lit is considered as Devee or goddesses in full manifestation.
The Pooja is performed by a group of “Mothers” [ generally Women, in the sense that all women are Mothers by birth ]

Fire Power Energy
Fire Power Energy

An Aacharya or Priest recites the Divine “Lalitha Sahasra Namam” the “Thousand Names of Omnipotent Power, Goddess Lalithambika Devi and the Mothers [ Amma ] reiterates the names by offering flowers.

Puthukkai “Sri Sadashiva Temple” situated at Nileshwaram, near Kasaragod and Payyanur, 100 kilometers from Manglore, witnessed this rare occasion of Vilakku Pooja as part of the yearly temple festival.

News-The Hindu- Pooja -Rameshwaram
News-The Hindu- Pooja -Rameshwaram

രാമേശ്വരത്തെ വിളക്കു പൂജയെ കുറിച്ച ഹിന്ദുവില്‍ വന്ന വാര്‍ത്ത -News of “Vilakku Pooja in “The Hindu” at Raameshwaramt

Kakkat Tantri Vasudeva Paterippad (Vineeth)


Tantri Vasudeva Patterippad was honoured Tantra Ratna in the year 2001 from the famous Tantra Vidya Peetham. Hailing from the Aristocratic Tantra family of Northern Kerala , Vasudeva Patterippad has nurtured All the sashtraas .