Rain outside-Showers in my mind

Rain outside-Showers in my mind

O child, do not go out!

The Rainy Day

by Rabindranath Tagore

Sullen clouds are gathering fast over the black fringe of the
O child, do not go out!
The palm trees in a row by the lake are smiting their heads
against the dismal sky; the crows with their dragged wings are
silent on the tamarind branches, and the eastern bank of the river
is haunted by a deepening gloom.
Our cow is lowing loud, ties at the fence.
O child, wait here till I bring her into the stall.

Men have crowded into the flooded field to catch the fishes
as they escape from the overflowing ponds; the rain-water is
running in rills through the narrow lanes like a laughing boy who
has run away from his mother to tease her.
Listen, someone is shouting for the boatman at the ford.
O child, the daylight is dim, and the crossing at the ferry
is closed.
The sky seems to ride fast upon the madly rushing rain; the
water in the river is loud and impatient; women have hastened home
early from the Ganges with their filled pitchers.
The evening lamps must be made ready.
O child, do not go out!
The road to the market is desolate, the lane to the river is
slippery. The wind is roaring and struggling among the bamboo
branches like a wild beast tangled in a net.

[Om Sai Ram] All that you see taken together is Myself!!! Om Sai Ram!!



All that you see taken together is Myself

Although of two natures, Sai in reality only one, wholly saint and at the same time wholly man. Accordingly an unknown lady would indeed have given birth to this saint not just to the human. Sri Sai neither said he had no mother nor had mother.
Many have tried to know who gave birth to this divine son. How can some or many or all will know ? when mystical knowledge of deep things [Miracles and Leela’s] are un­known “The inner birth never revealed by Sri Sai ” yet is of great value to any sincere truth seeker.
To my little mind it appears that Sri Sai Baba does not want dualism. He strayer form a Universal religion, fusing dements of all sects of religions to merge to secure much more of faith, aims, beliefs and brother hood. His intention is not revealing is not to curb our inquisitive nature, or keep us in suspense. But he wants that no sect should feel proud of being that he Sri Sai belongs to theirs religion.

Ohm Shri Sai Raam

Life-How did it get here ? By evolution or by creation ? If we enter in to debate, discussion, argument and logic on this issue. The result will be unconvincing to all. It is exactly the type of issue, wish to know the birth of Shirdi Sri Sai Baba I feel it is excellent’ very well not to lean on an inclination and waste time [Any thing that we loose, we can recoup but not time]. Instead let us immerse our energy and time in the service of Humanity. This is the only way one can overcome weakness and allow our mind not to be hanker on the unanswerable issue. Pledge to gain an accurate knowledge of Sri Sai’s words and following the leadings of his holy spirit. Above all it will give us the hope of endless life in problem free system of things, our subconscious mind never sleeps, it will be receptive to Sri Sai’s message even while we are asleep.