Eight Days at the Abode of Yoga – Day 1

07th April 2018


References & Links

1. For an in-depth knowledge of the Temple city , as usual, first help is from Wikipedia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chidambaram

2. To get a glimpse of the Yoga Centre, of Annamalai University, first reference is of University site itself. http://annamalaiuniversity.ac.in/P04_info.php?dc=P04

The Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga offered by Annamalai University, Comprises a comprehensive Syllabus, spanning to two Practical Personal Contact Program ( PCP ) before the final University exam.

For me, first Spell of PCP was from 27 January 2018 to 4th February.

I was not able to attend the second spell in March, and now I am here for the Final Spell, complementing the missed PCP.

Classes Starts from tomorrow morning 5 am.

Puthuchery Express 16856 from Mangalore ( MAQ), in which I boarded from Kanhangad at 16.05 pm on 06 April 2018, fetched me at Vridhachalam (VRI) by 7.40 am today ( 07 April 2018).

Shri Libin, hailing from Chokli ( Near Thalassery, Kannur, Kerala) was my Companion till Chidambaram Bus Station.

We had our Breakfast from Vandayar Hotel & Restaurant.

I came around and took a room at R.K.V Lodge. Rate is ₹400 per day.

Now , the “Path of Yoga” is infront, adept adapt and adjust…

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( Hope, this musings will Continue…)

14.00 pm the yogic belly started to crave leading Renjith to Vandayar Cuisine Restaurant.

15.30 Packed up and rushed to University Guest House.

16.00 with Yoga Texts and records

Train Timings at Thirumaandhaamkunnu

http://www.royalglance.com/Kerala/Train_Timings_at_Angadipuram_Railway_Station.html Train Timings at Thirumaandhaamkunnu .

INTERCITY EXP _22610_Coimbatore to Manglore

Time Table
Train No Train Name Date
22610 INTERCITY EXP 11- Oct- 2012

Stn Code Stn Name Route No Arrival Departure Distance Day Remark
CBE COIMBATORE JN 1 – 06:20 0000 1
PGT PALAKKAD 1 07:20 07:25 0055 1
OTP OTTAPPALAM 1 07:48 07:49 0086 1
SRR SHORANUR JN 1 08:10 08:15 0099 1
TIR TIRUR 1 08:49 08:50 0144 1
CLT KOZHIKODE 1 09:40 09:45 0185 1
BDJ VADAKARA 1 10:19 10:20 0231 1
TLY THALASSERY 1 10:39 10:40 0253 1
CAN KANNUR 1 11:10 11:15 0274 1
PAY PAYYANUR 1 11:44 11:45 0308 1
KZE KANHANGAD 1 12:07 12:08 0337 1
KGQ KASARAGOD 1 12:24 12:25 0360 1
MAQ MANGALORE CNTL 1 13:40 – 0406 1

Near Shornur in Maveli Express Train on a Rainy Night…. (My Location@01:39,4/6)

My Location@01:39,4/6 Cheruthuruthy – Killimangalam Chelakkara Rd, Cheruthuruthy, Kerala 679531, India http://m.google.co.uk/u/m/xewNLp


Train is stopped. Time ‘Clocking’ near 01.42 am of June 4 of the calendar 2012.


Its raining, but slowly…, like a beautiful lady unveiling her smiling face!


“Shokanaashini” is the name of the famous ‘Nila’ River (Bharatha Puzha).


Shri Poomulli Neelakandan Namboothirippad Memorial Ayurveda Medical College is nearby.


Vacant Platform * Right Launching Pad !

past 1.30 am, waiting for the Malabar Express (16629) from Trissur to Nileshwaram. Pappettan(KNP), our keen photographer is watching the conversation of Railway Police. May be he would have captured some nice frames in Mind’s digital SLR camera. Sheduled departure of our Train is at 1.30 am from Trissur.
Night at the vacant Railway Station is bright with Lights.
Sleep of the old bearded person lying behind our seat,has by now switched to omega !
Snorring at its maximum, resembles an Indian Bajaj RE electronics Auto Rikshaw on road.
Previously I had penned, I always remember Ruskin Bond, and his night train at Deoli, whenever I have to Board a train.
In RB’s short story, so beautiful, ends with myriads of unanswered questions left to the imagination of readers. What would have happend to that girl…?
Some how, I always feel a sense of seperation and aloofness, when going back through the story in mind. But with a fragrance.
We all travel, some have a lot to travel, some have less journeys. Some loves the moving life, and some anchored life.
The auto rikshaw behind us has increased in speed. !
The small bunks, with vendors of tea and coffe are one by one closing down.
A man steppd out of a movin train, grabbed a bottle of mineral water and some how managed to get back into it.
Thoughts are wandering, primarily due to the veiling sleep over the consiousness.
Trissur is some times (!) famous as the cultural capital of Kerala. I dont know the real reason, may be because of so much cultural and Literary activities during freedom struggle,and quite after wards till the 90s. Now, no place in any area can be assigned with such titles. Since, each individual has his/her own capital in his self made domain.
Hmm.. Our Train is arriving….I must pen afterwards… Good morning to all.