Kinetising Pranayama’ and Relaxation Potential Pranayama.


Kinetising Pranayama’ and Relaxation Potential Pranayama.

Pranayama (Art of Breathing) is the ancient Indian (Bharath)-art of fusing energy by techniques of relaxed sitting, breathing and the use of Mudras and easy postures.


Pranayama  (Art of Breathing) is proven to be of great help to individuals for maintaining good health and for helping
one find a new energy.

The practice of Pranayama involves learning effortlessness as well the right kind of effort.

Right technique customized for personality and individual development is performed.


Instruction and Practice is imparted in True Authentic Indian traditional method.

This method,  guide one from right sitting to natural breathing followed by ventilation of the lobes of the lungs and the use of Mudras along with breathing.

Mudras can also be used to direct Prana to centres of quietness within ourselves.

Prana kriyas, the use of Mudras, without including breathing is included in syllabus.

‘Kinetising Pranayama’ and Relaxation Potential Pranayama.

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