Will Power

What is “Will Power”?

The expression “will-power” is often used to refer to our ability to put into practice the ideas we know to be for our well-being and to resist actions (“karmas”) which are harmful. This is directly related to the soul’s intellectual strength. When we speak of weakness or strength in the soul, we are referring to the intellect. In the case of a weak soul (one with lower “will-power”) it is almost as if the intellect plays no part in determining which thoughts arise in the mind, but they come as if pushed by the “sanskaras” (mainly in the form of habits) or are triggered by the atmosphere around or the moods of others. On the contrary, a powerful soul (one with higher “will-power”) enjoys the experience of its own choice regardless of external stimuli (influence).

Meditation develops the intellect to such an extent that this degree of control is possible. A practitioner of meditation can be in the midst of a situation of intense disturbance, yet remain so unshakeably calm that the inner strength becomes a shelter and inspiration to others lacking in that strength. The weak soul is like a leaf at the mercy of the storm, the strong one, a rock in the face of a rough sea.

If we have good will power, 50% of our problems will be solved including fast recovery from our sufferings.

Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles

As you see the world so the world will be for you. This is not a new wisdom (knowledge). It simply means that if you see people or situations as obstacles in life then that is how you are creating them within your minds. In truth, the real obstacle is your own perception (way of looking at it). To see an obstacle, which is to create an obstacle, is something you do when the way to what you want appears to be blocked.

Realization: Realize that obstacles do not come to obstruct, they come to instruct (teach a lesson). In the process of overcoming our obstacles, we learn, create and practice new strategies (techniques) to find a way round, over, under or through what we perceive as standing in our way. If we rise to that challenge we will be creative and learn much in the process.