observations Mathematics

”An integreal is also an anti derivative”
it was raining heavily.
Pappettan,renji & Ratheesh Varma Kuttan were relaxing at the old rustic shop of Late:Edakkanam Vijayettan.
Pappettan and renjith eagerly looked out of the shop, to find a gap between the incessant showers.
Then came the Retired Professor of Mathematics, Kizhakkillam Neelamana Shambhu Nambudirippad. He was in his usual moods and relaxed witha pinch of Nasal powder. Renjith gave a company.
We talked a lot, while waiting for the rain to subsidise.
I requested him to teach some Geometry, and we started with My question on Balancing an Equation. Then we journeyd through the precise paths of pure maths,passing through the dense forests of Calculas, and reached some important conclusions which converged on the complexity of Sri Chakra. !
”An integreal is also an anti derivative….”
then we derivated ourselves through the showers to integerate ourselves at the shelter ”Drishya Communications” of Pappettan.

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