Meditation And Heath

The state of the body is a result of the state of the soul not only because of past “karmas” (actions performed in this and previous births) but because of its present state also.

Stress plays a major role in causing simple problems like headaches and indigestion, chronic problems like asthma and ulcers, or long-term illness such as heart and respiratory problems or even cancer.

Of course there are other factors like unhealthy life-style, lack of exercise, wrong diet etc. which give rise to health problems.

Through Rajyoga meditation and its connected positive lifestyle and through a pure vegetarian diet, bad health can be minimized. The removal of stress and tension has to be one of the most important advantages of a person who practices Rajyoga meditation. Health and order in the soul (mind) bring health and order in the body.

Always find some time for yourself too. No doubt, life is going to be full of stress and we need to find out various options of de-stressing. Meditation is one of the best options for de-stressing

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