Fulfilling Responsibility

Source :Gopalji [ gopalnairahmedabad@gmail.com]
Responsibility is best fulfilled by the one who is detached. When one is attached to the task that he/she is responsible for it leads to worry, doubt and fear. This can have a negative effect on decision-making and result in difficult situations. On the other hand, the one who is detached is the one who is able to see things clearly and so fulfill all responsibilities with lightness and perform all tasks accurately. When we have to take up some new responsibility we need to tell ourselves that we will do our best in fulfilling the responsibility. When we become detached from the result of the task we will find ourselves doing our best because there are no negative thoughts.

In the process of fulfilling our responsibilities, many of us forget to live ourselves. The best gift we can give to our kids is the best education – then rest everything will follow in their life. My Dear Friends…The GOD gifted wonderful Life is Short, so kindly enjoy this beautiful life yourself too.

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