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Tripayar Shri Rama Swamy

Tripayar invitation

Triprayar Sree Nagaraja Temple, East Nada vigraha Prathikshta
Dear Sirs, Triprayar Sree Nagaraja Temple (Cochin Devaswom Board) East Nada Triprayar Prathikshta Vigraha Procession starts from Triprayar Sreerama temple on 15th July Saturday at 4.30pm.On Sunday morning Prathikshta between 6:30 to 8:23 by Thantri Brahmasree Tarananalloor Padmanabhan Naboodiripad. All are requested to participate the holy function and have blessings from Nagadevathas. Jai Sreeram…Best regards P.G.Nair🙏🙏🙏

Shri Raam, Lakhmanan, Sitha devi, Hanuman, Bharath, Shatrughnan

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