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With Ramachandran Nileshwaram

Kammadam Kavu

Kammadam Kavu, the largest & splendid sacred grove in Kerala

Fascinating blend of Sacredness and Nature

Blessed with variety of flora and fauna, this place is deeply connected with Bhagavathi Temple.

Kammadom Kaavu, the divine residence, is the biggest holy plantation in Kerala, with evergreen forests, medicinal plants, shrubs and orchids, abode of animals like fox, snake, bat, monitor lizard and civet etc. Various types of birds and butterflies, make it lively and lovely.








Dropped pin Kizhakkedam illam Vellur

Dropped pin
near Vellur, Kerala 670307

വിഷ്ണു നമ്പൂതിരി കിഴക്കേടം Vishnu Namboothiri Kizhakkedam

Kizhakkedam illam, Kizhakkedam, Vishnu Namboothiri, Krishnadathan, renjitham, കിഴക്കേടം, ചാമക്കാവ്, വെള്ളൂർ, പയ്യന്നൂർ , കണ്ണൂർ,നമ്മുടെ കേരളം,”God’s Own Land” – Kerala, കേരളം

Arayakkil Perikamana illam – Ammath – Renjith Krishnan Chaalakkunnath illam – Dropped pin

Dropped pin
near Nileshwar, Kerala

.. ………

…… A dream slowly realising

Vallayammavan Brahmashree Prasanna Shankaran Namboothiri, Arayakkil Perikamana illam

Adukkathaayar Illam Manthra Shaala

Adukkathaayar Illam Manthra Shaala
Nileshwar, Kerala 671314
094954 16839

Guruthy , Theyyam & Kaliyaattam in a serene atmosphere of Shree Chakra Navaavarana Pooja

ഗുരുതി , തെയ്യം & കളിയാട്ടം

20-05-18 , 21.19 pm

Theyyam, far from being an art form, or a stage presentation of folklore ( as nowadays described), is a deep blend of myth, fear, fantasy, religion, vivid dark colours, demonic rhythm and pure devotion & submission.
Theyyam is an exclusive interaction of Gods & Goddesses with Human beings.
//Raktheshwaryei Namah//